Academics Curriculumn

Undergraduate School

Art & Technology Undergraduate Program is designed to foster insight and growth through a three-dimensional view of our society from various perspectives through educational curriculums and spaces where students can actively experiment together. Through critical thinking, students can discover hidden values and fun, and experience creation beyond their imagination.

Graduate School

Art & Technology Graduate Program trains the next generation of creators, experts, and researchers who can lead the development of human culture and community by fusing art and technology with humanistic insights and reflective thinking. The Graduate school provides a professional education to cultivate experts in the fields of HCI(Human-Computer Interaction), AI(Artificial Intelligence), XR(eXtended Reality), Future Cinema, Computational Audio Performance, Media Aesthetics, and creative industries.

Educational Support Programs

Joint U & G Program

The Art & Technology Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Program offers exceptional undergraduate students in this department the opportunity to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees within a five-year timeframe. This integrated process between academic degrees provides benefits such as exemption from admission fees or tuition fees for the first semester.

Internship & Field Training

The Internship course is offered by the department in every summer and winter semester, and the Field Training (FT) courses can be applied for through the field training semester program. Students can earn up to 15 credits while working at a company through internships and field training semesters.

ART + TECH Creative Startup

As part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s ‘Art Korea Lab: University Arts Startup Support Project’, five domestic universities participate in this program to foster art start-up teams within universities. Art & Technology supports art-based startups that foster future innovators by combining art with cutting-edge technologies such as XR and AI.

Art & Technology is operating the ‘Art with Impact’ project donated by CARE (Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education), an NGO related to comfort women in the United States. Through this, we are attempting to communicate with the public about the unresolved ‘comfort women’ issue through artwork and a multidisciplinary approach using art and technology.

Professional Manpower Training for VR·AR

Art & Technology operates a specialized VR/AR application service curriculum focusing on “cultivating innovative manpower through convergence curriculum”, “practical problem-solving education based on industry-academic projects”, and “cultivating global manpower through international cooperation”.

Creative Korea II National Program (End)

Art & Technology provides various specialized programs such as Imagination Start-Up Idea Contest, Small Creator Group, Art&Technology Conference, and runs Art & Technology center with government’s financial support while carrying out the CREATIVE KOREA II National Program(CK-II) with the name of ‘Global Creative Talent Development Project’.

Course Map

In the Art & Technology program, there is a cohesive link between the curricula of undergraduate and graduate courses. The Graduate School focuses on providing professional education to cultivate experts in various fields, including HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), AI (Artificial Intelligence), XR (eXtended Reality), Future Cinema, Computational Audio Performance, Media Aesthetics, and creative industries. The Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Program establishes connections between subjects studied at the undergraduate and graduate levels, allowing students to delve into advanced Art and Technology fields with an additional year of effort and this effort culminates in the attainment of a master’s degree.

Extracurricular Programs

ATC(Art & Technology Conference) is an imaginative festival for young creators who experiment without boundaries through the interdisciplinary convergence of humanities, arts, and technology. Every year students design, create, and run the event by themselves to enjoy, share, and celebrate together. It is a core Art & Technology extra curriculum for Korea’s next-generation leaders to build their creativity and self-directedness.

SYK Global Project

SYK (Shin Youngkyun) Global Project is a student overseas tour program that has been started from 2012 (1st year) to provide opportunities for students to explore the wide world and grow up as global leaders.

IS (Imagination Seminar) is a program that brings together experts from various fields to engage in discussions on diverse topics. Through this program,  students can renew perspective and inspiration by exploring practical applications and staying informed about trends in diverse professional domains where art and technology intersect.
SCG(Small Creators Group) is an activity support program that recruits small (three to five) undergraduate project groups to support a year of creative activities and share achievements such as exhibitions, performances, and presentations. Focusing on the “Learning by Doing” educational philosophy, we actively induced student-led activities to build their creative talents and work on projects with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Seoul International New Media Festival, Seoul International Invention Fair, and HCI Korea Creative Awards.
CC (Crash Course) is a short-term education program designed to address the swift changes in major technologies and issues within the field of art & technology. Given the dynamic nature of these advancements, students have the opportunity to engage in short-term educational programs during vacation periods to stay current on emerging technologies and key issues in the field.
OSM(On-Site Mentoring) is a small group that shares experiences and information about different interests by meeting senior graduate mentors and professional mentors working in various creative fields, such as development ·service planning ·design ·advertising ·start-up ·overseas study, etc.