Art with Impact

Although the ‘comfort women’ issue became known through the testimony of survivor Kim Hak-sun, the victims have still not received an official apology or legal compensation from the offending country, and there are attempts to distort and erase history. Sexual violence and human trafficking remain a global problem, and the ‘comfort women’ issue is important now and in the future.

In order to raise awareness of this problem,, we are trying to communicate with the public using a multidisciplinary approach using art and technology regarding the unresolved ‘comfort women’ issue through the ‘Art with Impact’ project which is donated by the NGO CARE (Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education). 


Participation Teams

Three teams participate each year to raise awareness of the history of Japanese military ‘comfort women’ and related issues in an artistic and modern way.


Any form of creativity can participate, and production costs and scholarships will be provided to the selected teams.


Joint exhibition/presentation planned with 6 participating universities in the U.S., including UCLA