Internship & Field Training

2012 – current

Internship courses are offered in the summer and winter semesters, but field training courses are available through the field training semester program Shinteong. You can earn up to 15 credits while working at the company.

Art & technology at Sogang provides a Field Practicum Semester Program, which  is operated to be related to the student’s major to improve practical skills in the major field, and is divided into ‘Field Training (FT)’ and ‘Internship’. 

– During regular semesters (1st and 2nd semesters), ‘Field Training’ is operated through the school’s Field Training Support Center,  

– During seasonal semesters (summer and winter), ‘Intership’  is operated.


Course opening

Every summer and winter vacation semester


3 credits

Internship company

You can apply for internships among companies registered at the school Field Training Support Center.

How to apply?

After being connected to an internship company, apply by taking internship courses offered every summer and winter semester.

Field Training (FT)

What is a ‘field training semester program’?

1. The ‘Field Practice Semester Program’ is a part of the regular educational process for experiential learning extended outside of school, which is implemented based on industry-academia cooperation between schools and field practice institutions.

2. The field practicum semester system is operated to be related to the student's major in order to improve practical skills in the major field, and the practicum institution cannot impose work on students that is outside the purpose and scope of the field practicum semester system.

3. The field practicum semester program operates training through prior agreement between the university and the participating companies (institutions), and students must receive credit recognition for the training course through the opening of courses.

4, 'Field practicum semester program' and 'internship' are used as similar concepts, but 'Field practicum semester program' is related to major, assuming the opening of courses and recognition of credits in accordance with the Ministry of Education's 'College Student Field Practicum Semester Operation Regulations' It is distinguished by the fact that it is a regular curriculum that is run properly.

5. The Ministry of Education has established regulations requiring training institutions that operate field training to take measures to protect students, such as providing students with mandatory education related to their major, paying training support fees, and signing up for industrial accident insurance. Field Training Support Center operates a field practicum semester system in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

6. The 'Field Practice Semester Program' is an industry-academic cooperation curriculum that conducts theory application, practical training and practice at industrial sites in collaboration with field training institutions in accordance with agreements with domestic and foreign industries and organizations. It is a continuous full-time program.


Up to 12 credits depending on length of FT participation

Internship company

You can apply to internship companies registered on the school's Field Training Support Center site. Please refer to the Field Training Support Center site (below button is linked with Field Training Support Center site) .

How to apply?

Please refer to the school's Field Training Support Center site