Extra Curriculums

Through extracurriculum, You can go through various topics and convergence experiences that cannot be covered in class. For ‘Creation Beyond Imagination’, Art & Technology is putting a lot of effort into extracurricular program equal to our major.

ATC(Art & Technology Conference) is an imaginative festival for young creators who experiment without boundaries through the interdisciplinary convergence of humanities, arts, and technology. Every year students design, create, and run the event by themselves to enjoy, share, and celebrate together. It is a core Art & Technology extra curriculum for Korea’s next-generation leaders to build their creativity and self-directedness.

SYK Global Project

SYK (Shin Youngkyun) Global Project is a student overseas tour program that has been started from 2012 (1st year) to provide opportunities for students to explore the wide world and grow up as global leaders.

IS (Imagination Seminar) is a program that brings together experts from various fields to engage in discussions on diverse topics. Through this program,  students can renew perspective and inspiration by exploring practical applications and staying informed about trends in diverse professional domains where art and technology intersect.

SCG(Small Creators Group) is an activity support program that recruits small (three to five) undergraduate project groups to support a year of creative activities and share achievements such as exhibitions, performances, and presentations. Focusing on the “Learning by Doing” educational philosophy, we actively induced student-led activities to build their creative talents and work on projects with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Seoul International New Media Festival, Seoul International Invention Fair, and HCI Korea Creative Awards.

CC (Crash Course) is a short-term education program designed to address the swift changes in major technologies and issues within the field of art & technology. Given the dynamic nature of these advancements, students have the opportunity to engage in short-term educational programs during vacation periods to stay current on emerging technologies and key issues in the field.

OSM(On-Site Mentoring) is a small group that shares experiences and information about different interests by meeting senior graduate mentors and professional mentors working in various creative fields, such as development ·service planning ·design ·advertising ·start-up ·overseas study, etc.