Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of creators and creative innovators. By providing trans-disciplinary integrating humanities, art, and technology, learning-by-doing, and global education, we prepare students to become global creative leaders who can create cultural and social impacts with humanistic imagination, artistic sensibility, and technological competence.

Philosophy of Education

Learning by Doing Education

Our education is based on project-based and self-directed learning model. This approach allows students to learn not only academic knowledges but also problem solving skills. Most projects are connected to real world problems in current creative industries, and in the process of self-directed group projects, students develop collaborative skills and leadership.

Trans-disciplinary Education

We provide creative trans-disciplinary educational environment that integrates humanities, art, and technology. In the Left-Right brain integrative courses, students learn to plan, design, and implement their ideas suited for creative industry. We constantly challenge students to imagine, design and implement, and we believe during the process innovative solutions that will propel our society are being created.

Global Education

To prepare students to compete on the world stage, our courses are offered in English. In association with various foreign universities, the department provides student exchange programs, global seminars, projects and workshops offering students opportunities to work internationally and become a global leader.

Creation Beyond Imagination

Art & Technology aims to produce next-generation creators with humanistic imagination, artistic sensitivity, and expressiveness through the use of cutting-edge technology to lead the creative industry and contribute to the development of a culture that enriches and delights people’s lives. Therefore, we prefer to explore and pioneer new values and fun through various practical and project-oriented curricula by running project-based classes for students to carry out their own work which is different from existing lecture styles. So, “Creation, Beyond Imagination” is our goal and mission.

Educational Outcomes

– As of June 2023 statistics

The Art & Technology Department at Sogang University was established in 2012 with an initial quota of 30 students. As of 2023, the undergraduate program annually selects about an average of 60 students, while the graduate program admits around 12 students each year on average.

21.55 : 1

From 2012 to 2022, the average competition rate for early admission to the undergraduate program has been 21.55:1, maintaining the highest rank within Sogang University.

3.97: 1

From 2016 to 2023, the average graduate school admission competition rate has been 3.97:1, attracting excellent talents.


The competition among students double-majoring in the Art & Technology program has been on the rise, resulting in an environment where an average of 30 double-major students study together annually.


From 2012 to 2023, undergraduate courses conducted in English have been maintained at an average of 74.65%


Creating a multicultural environment, 37 students, accounting for 8.95% of the total enrollment, from 16 countries including the United States, France, Spain, Japan, India, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Belarus, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan, along with numerous foreign exchange students each semester, contribute to the diversity of our student community.

Entrepreneurial Culture

From 2012 to June 2023, within the Art & Technology department, a total of 26 companies have been established through spin-offs.  Additionally, many prospective entrepreneurial ideas are growing.


11 Web & Application service companies Including the Arrive Upon Awakening (눈뜨면 도착)


5 design and art creation studios including the Studio BiBi


4 game service studios including the Hoochoo Game Studios


2 advertising and media service company and 1 art and exhibition service company including the Quantum Pirates


2 AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality)/MR (Mixed Reality) companies including the ALAM


1 creative education service company including the Triangle and Square (세모가네모)

Career Pathways

Art & Technology graduates provide new values and experiences in various fields of art & technology and become developers, planners, designers, writers, and activists who create new things. People work in various industries and fields, but they all have something in common as frontiers in that they are responsible for pioneering and creating experimental productions in the field.


From 2012 to 2020, the average employment rate was 92.3%, maintaining the highest employment rate among the 23 departments at Sogang University. (Based on internal statistics as of March 2023)


Maintaining the highest employment rate among the 23 departments at Sogang University. (Based on internal statistics as of March 2023)