The educational programs at Art & Technology provide students with the opportunity to take on challenges and navigate potential failures. The inclusion of spaces dedicated to various media experiments and creations, coupled with access to high-tech equipment, empowers students. This environment cultivates a mindset of resilience and innovation, preparing Art & Technology students to embrace challenges and emerge as future leaders in creative fields.

Smilegate AXT Center

Immersive Hall

The Immersive Hall is designed to be immersive for visitors, all without the need for a Head Mounted Display (HMD). This is achieved through the representation of 3D expressions using 4K projection on both front and floor surfaces, combined with the use of 3D glasses. Visitors can expect a distinctive and visually stunning experience across various genres, including 3D immersive content, media performances, unique video screenings, and interactive concerts, creating a rich and engaging environment.

XR Studio

The XR Studio is designed to feature a Chroma-key room and a specialized lighting environment tailored for shooting special effects, including screen replacement. It is equipped with a 4K camera and camera crane facilities, offering a versatile space for education, research, and creation through real-time XR (eXtended Reality) production. This setup enables users to create a wide range of immersive experiences and explore the possibilities of XR technology practically and creatively.

Computer Lab

Future creative industries will be developed based on computational media and contents, so students need to handle computational programming and media design skills. The computer lab is a space where Art & Technology students can actively learn these skills and engage in better creative endeavors.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab is a space where you can quickly prototype the possibilities of physical product design and development using computers. To produce IoT (Internet of Things) prototypes, it is possible to use FDM (ABS, PLA) and DLP 3D printing, laser cutting and marking equipment, PCB routing equipment, a plotter, and a sewing machine for fabric material processing. Using this, students can quickly create a variety of mock-ups using electronic, wood, and fabric materials.

Future Lab

It is a dedicated space for Master’s and Ph.D. students and researchers, providing an exclusive environment for discovering novel and innovative values through a range of industrial and research projects.

Art Studio

In computational media design practice and education, students benefit from hands-on experience in creating visual expressions. The Art Studio allows students to not only produce handmade paintings and creations but also to conduct experiments and set up exhibitions.

Sound Studio

The Sound Studio consists of the main control room and recording room, where you can professionally record sound or make music. In the main control room, there are 5.1 channel surround sound system, an 8-channel preamplifier, an audio interface, and a synthesizer. The recording room provides a MacBook, audio interface, and a 2-channel power play environment.

Seminar Room

Various meetings are conducted due to project-oriented education, and cooperative discussions are held both internally and externally on/offline. The Seminar Room provides the necessary environment for a variety of small seminars and conferences to take place.

Xavier Hall 4F

SYK Studio

SYK(Shin Youngkyun) Studio is a multipurpose studio where diverse education, research, and creation are made through 7 channels of projection, 7.1 channels of sound, and a hologram projection.

Digital & Lee W. H. & Smilegate Studio

It is a creative research space that the Art & Technology students can exclusively use. Here, they try and fail without time constraints, learn together, and spend their time with friends with different abilities and backgrounds. It surely is an incubator that can give healthy stimulations and effects to each other. So, this is the starting point where leaders who will lead future creative industries in Art and technology fields grow, learn, and network together.

Project Studio

It Is an open studio, a variable multi-purpose studio where tables and displays can be freely modified according to the purpose of use. From lecture-style classes to seminars are available here, and multiple teams can hold their project meetings at the same time. It is also used as an exhibition space for end-of-term assignments and department events, including the Art & Technology Conference(ATC). It is usually an open space for students to carry out their individual · team projects and sometimes throw small parties.