Imagination Seminar – Prof.Gabriel Menotti “Spatial practices in the information age: between environmental film and computational environments”

Digital technologies have changed social practices in many different ways. When it comes to engaging with public spaces, in particular, the effects have been dramatic, as computers increase our capacity to both represent actual realities and generate virtual ones. What does it mean for the future of culture and technology? In this presentation, Dr. Gabriel Menotti will draw from his experience as a researcher, curator, and filmmaker to discuss projects that engage with digital technologies to articulate new spatial politics. Menotti will be discussing the use of film projection to occupy urban spaces, of 3D scanning to resignify contested places, of immersive systems to expand museal infrastructures, and of the imaginary of computation to account for large environmental crisis. The presentation will be prefaced by a screening of Rocha Matriz (Cristal Líquido, Brazil, 2020, 25’), an environmental documentary examining the ornamental rock industry in Brazil from the alien perspective of information processing.


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– 6월 14일(금) 13:30 / Immersive Hall

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Dr. Gabriel Menotti (Professor at the Film and Media Department of Queen’s Univ., Canada)

: Gabriel Menotti is Associate Professor at the Film and Media Department of Queen’s University and independent curator. His work on media technology has been published and presented worldwide. Menotti is currently working on the anthology Barbarian Currents: Documents, Inventories, and Ideas from Brazilian Media Arts


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