Art+Tech Creative Start Up

2023 06- 2023. 11

As part of the ‘Art Korea Lab: University Arts Startup Support Project’ from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, five domestic universities participated to foster art start-up teams within universities and build a foundation for art start-ups. Cultivating future innovators by combining art with cutting-edge technologies such as XR and AI

Key Achievements

Participation Teams

5 teams on campus participated,

Entrepreneurship Education

32 hours of Art+Tech entrepreneurship education,

Experts Mentoring

8 sessions of 1:1 mentoring per team participation of 10 field expert mentors from the real fields such as Danmil, GiiÖii, Daum Generation Foundation, Pozalabs, ABC Lab, etc.

Top Prize

Among all 5 university start-up teams, Sogang University's "Walking Between" team won first place (top prize) in the university category and 5 teams developed prototypes.