Professional Manpower
Training for VR·AR

2020 – 2024 (5 years)

Professional Manpower Training for VR·AR is a five-year project from 2020 as part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s R&D project. It aims to foster convergence practical professionals to secure global competitiveness by leading the core abilities of VR/AR high-tech industries and industrial applications.

Sogang University conducts the business of government, organizing business board as VR/AR application service field. We operates a specialized VR/AR application service curriculum focusing on “cultivating innovative manpower through convergence curriculum”, “practical problem-solving education based on industry-academic projects”, and “cultivating global manpower through international cooperation”.


Degree Course

Fostering masters and doctorate R&D personnel in participating universities

Short-Term Education

Development and education of short-term in-depth curriculum

Industrial and Academic Projects

Practical projects based on the demands from various corporates

Business Management System Establishment

General Steering Committee, Coordinator, Employment Linkage, Demand Delivery System, etc.

512 beneficiaries and 125 students

50 courses of development/operation

73 cases,
229 people


Development and operation of masters/doctors convergence curriculum in industrial demand of AR·VR fields

– Fostering the graduates of masters and doctorate personnel based on different application field of AR·VR (HW, SW, service, etc.)

– Convergence education of AR·VR and core technology

– Development of common/in-depth subjects based on the industrial demands

Operation of industrial-academic projects based on industrial demands

– Organizations participating in AR·VR consortium and customized project based on demands

– Developing expertise in related fields through the implementation of industry-academic projects

– Practical experience program through visiting and practicing the industrial site

Short-term intensive training courses related to the field

– Development and operation of short-term curriculum to meet the field of practice

– Development and operation of ‘Theory+Practice’ linked curriculum to strengthen industrial application and professional knowledge capabilities

Inducing employment linkage and establishing a performance diffusion system

– Expanding consortium companies that participate and discovering employment linkage programs

– Operation of excellence and diffusion programs

– Strengthening industrial, academic, and research networks to enhance human resource development

– Establishment of systematic performance management program


Title / Organization

Project Detail

A study of creating virtual advertising studios for Metaverse-commerce using 'Photogrammetry'
Mystic Mansion (with RECON Labs)

Designing 'Virtual AD Studio' to come up with unique interactions and camera walks which were difficult to take in existing environments and propose a new form of advertisement.

XR space documentary using 3 Scanning camera technology
보행기억 (with 한국산업기술문화재단)

Using the phenomenon of ‘Memory Space’ which embodies the memory and history of the lost neighborhood, XR documentary is produced by synthesizing the shots of actual space and actors in XR studio with computer graphics in real-time.

Leaving user-participated XR message due to location specification
바다쓰기 (with d'strict)

It is a project that provides connected but also different experiences in each space of AR – VR – Offline environment. It is a content that can deliver continuous messages within the AR – VR – Offline space.
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