Creation Beyond Imagination

To cultivate the next generation of creators and creative innovators

Art & Technology, Sogang Univ.

The educational goal of the Art & Technology major is to nurture creators fit for the 21st century. In our program, creators refer to individuals who envision something valuable yet unknown, and directly implement it to make an impact on the world. It’s difficult to find projects leading the changes in the world since the 21st century that do not possess artistic sensibility or utilize cutting-edge technology. Art and technology are essential elements that 21st-century creators must possess along with humanistic imagination. The objective of Art & Technology is to contribute to cultural development by producing 21st-century creators equipped with humanistic imagination, artistic sensibility, and advanced technological utilization skills, leading all fields of creativity and enriching human life further.

AXT Brochure

Art  & Technology education program information and its educational achievements can also be found through the brochure.


Imagination Seminar - 민세희 "데이터, AI, 그리고 창작"
 Art & Technology 대학원에서는 예술과 기술의 융합 교육을 통해 예술과 기술의 통섭적 역량과 인문적 통찰력 및 성찰적 사고력을 갖추고 인류 문화와 공동체 발전을...
■서강대학교 Art & Technology 대학원 석박사 신입생 모집■
 Art & Technology 대학원에서는 예술과 기술의 융합 교육을 통해 예술과 기술의 통섭적 역량과 인문적 통찰력 및 성찰적 사고력을 갖추고 인류 문화와 공동체 발전을...
㈜스마일게이트홀딩스 아트&테크놀로지학과 발전기금 추가 기부
지난 3월 26일(화), 본관 총장 접견실에서 ㈜스마일게이트홀딩스 발전기금 전달식이 개최되었다. ㈜스마일게이트홀딩스는 이날 약 8억 3천 6백만 원을 아트&테크놀로지학과 발전기금으로...


Art & Technology education offers ‘Undergraduate Programs’, ‘Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Programs’, as well as master’s and doctoral ‘Graduate Programs’. Our education emphasizes a student-centered approach, placing a strong emphasis on challenging projects and collaboration in addressing real-world problems, allowing students to have an integrated academic experience that combines theory and practical application. Furthermore, we provide a variety of resources to support the learning and creative environment, enabling our department and students to make academic contributions through innovative research projects. 

Undergraduate Program

Art & Technology Undergraduate Program is designed to foster insight and growth through a three-dimensional view of our society from various perspectives through educational curriculums and spaces where students can actively experiment together. Through critical thinking, students can discover hidden values and fun, and experience creation beyond their imagination.

Graduate Program

Art & Technology Graduate Program trains the next generation of creators, experts, and researchers who can lead the development of human culture and community by fusing art and technology with humanistic insights and reflective thinking. In Art & Technology, the curriculum between undergraduate and graduate courses are linked. The Graduate school provides a professional education to cultivate experts in the fields of HCI(Human-Computer Interaction), AI(Artificial Intelligence), XR(eXtended Reality), Future Cinema, Computational Audio Performance, Media Aesthetics, and creative industries.


At Art & Technology, our exploration and pioneering spirit transcend boundaries, aiming to uncover new values and sources of enjoyment. This process involves the discovery of novel and hidden aspects within our surroundings. Through collaboration and efforts that go beyond conventional imagination, we strive to bring these discoveries to fruition.

Not at Home (2022)
KIMAC팀 : 김휘성, 윤수련, 김지수. 한단비내린


Art & Technology community aims for a culture that cooperates together, respects diversity, and builds up creations. The Artechers (a.k.a members of Art & Technology) make and fix everything around them, from Art & Technology’s culture to their personal work. To this end, we support a variety of extracurricular programs for students’ diverse and active creative activities.

AXT Events

Art & Technology Conference 2022로 초대합니다.
INVITATION 서강대학교 Art & Technology 학과에서 《네모를 확장하는 N가지 방법 (N Ways to Expand a Square)》이라는 주제로 제11회 Art & Technology Conference (ATC)를 개최합니다. 2012년 부터 매해 학생들이 직접 기획, 제작, 운영해 오고 있는 본 행사는, 대한민국 차세대 리더인 학생들이 초학제적 융합을 통해 경계 없는 다양한 실험과 상상력 넘치는 탐험을 통해 서로 자극받고 즐기는 하나의 놀이이자 축제이며, 또한 학생들이 수업을 넘어 실제 창의적...
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What students say

10th Anniversary Documentary

“What’s Art &Technology?” A major that had no tradition, no decent buildings, or graduate. Here, we follow 49 stories of the people who sought for answers in their own way on numerous questions they have faced. Creation beyond imagination, history of the mutants, the eternal X.

10th Anniversary Book

<Art & Technology 10> is a book that specifically depicts an Art & Technology major. It follows the time of a small major with only 30 students becoming a major that produces globally outstanding talents. It covers the story of academic foundation and special educational philosophy which signifies the word ‘Art & Technology’. Also, the community culture, programs, events, and people called ‘Artecher (a.k.a members of Art & Technology.)’ are archived in detail.