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  • About AT

    Our mission is to foster creative innovators by trans-disciplinary education integrating humanities, art, and technology, transcending boundaries of traditional education. Students learn to develop Humanities-based Imagination, Artistic Sensibility, and Media technology literacy as they play, collaborate, and create. Through our Learning by doing education, Whole brain education, and Global education...


  • AT Curriculum

    The Art & Technology (A&T, AT) major at Sogang University is the first step we put forward to raise talented individuals with "creativity", "insight", and "passion" in digital entertainment industry. Following the education model of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, the AT major adopts the principles of global education, whole-brained education and project-based learning as our education philosophy for future leaders of the smart era.


We are ArTechers!

21st Century is the century of Convergence.As modern society divided all the things under one name ‘specialization’, new era sought for ‘whole person’ who converges and integrates diverse but different fields. That is to say, this era seeks for students like Leonardo da Vinci who was an ‘artist’, ‘scientist’, and ‘technologist’ at the same time. Thus, ‘small but strong..


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