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[Nov. 11 2013]  Prof. Soon canceled the UI & UX class today. Please check the detail from the UI & UX class site.....     CHECKING DETAILS »

[Nov. 09 2013]  Prof. Soon asked to all students who registered Art & Design class to submit your assignment by 15 Nov. 2013.....     CHECKING DETAILS »

[Nov. 05 2013]  We have special guests from Disney and Imagination Seminar at J311 at 10 AM. Please attend the Imagination Seminar tomorrow.....     CHECKING DETAILS »

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  • About AT

    The Department of Art & Technology was newly established in 2011 under Sogang University’s School of Integrated Knowledge. Our department’s mission is to break down traditional educational limitations and transcend the boundaries of various disciplines by integrating the liberal arts creative imaginations with the boundless potentials of advanced arts and technologies. We encourage students to be passionately innovative and revolutionary in their ideas ...


  • AT Curriculum

    The Art & Technology (A&T, AT) major at Sogang University is the first step we put forward to raise talented individuals with "creativity", "insight", and "passion" in digital entertainment industry. Following the education model of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, the AT major adopts the principles of global education, whole-brained education and project-based learning as our education philosophy for future leaders of the smart era.


We are ArTechers!

21st Century is the century of Convergence.As modern society divided all the things under one name ‘specialization’, new era sought for ‘whole person’ who converges and integrates diverse but different fields. That is to say, this era seeks for students like Leonardo da Vinci who was an ‘artist’, ‘scientist’, and ‘technologist’ at the same time. Thus, ‘small but strong..


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